Does your smart meter tell where your money is going?

With energy prices rising beyond belief, have you asked yourself how effectively your smart meter saves you money come bill time?
Electricians have a good idea of how much appliances cost to run. Or so I thought. We know how power-thirsty electrical items are by the size of the cable. Lights don’t need much current, and because of that, we install small wires. On the other hand, showers need a lot of power, and therefore large cables are used to accommodate them. Simples.
I forgot about two significant factors: the amount of time and how frequently the item is in use between billing periods.
Your smart meter might state you have spent a fiver so far today, but how are you supposed to know on what? That’s where the Emporia Energy Monitor comes into play. It allows you to see how much each circuit in your home is costing you.
That’s how I instantly shaved money from my bill. Some of my shockers were low voltage downlights, underfloor heating, and towel rails.
Once connected, it allows you to view your usage via an app from anywhere on your smartphone. After a couple of days, it becomes clear what it is costing you. In addition, it will enable you to export the data to Excel if you want.
With further electricity price rises, it’s well worth reading up on the Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor. Until next time, thanks for reading.